Pastor Book Request

This form is available for a limited time for Pastors to request a complimentary copy of “An Advent for the Cosmos”. If you are not a pastor, please forward the link “” to a pastor you think may be interested in receiving a free copy.

“An Advent for The Cosmos” consists of 25 daily Bible Studies that are meant to be read starting on December 1st and culminating on December 25th (Christmas). Each day consists of Bible memory, an Intro to the day’s topic, Bible Reading, a Summary and Discussion, Questions, a Prayer, and a Song or Songs that correspond with the day’s study.

A majority of the advent memory verses trace the story of Faith in Hebrews 11 with other key verses as needed. A smaller segment of the memory verse has been highlighted for younger children if they cannot memorize the entire verse.

This is not just a kid’s book, but can be read as an individual, a couple, a family, a small group, or along with an entire church. My goal is to get it into as many pastors’ hands as possible. I believe this has the opportunity to broaden the view of the redemptive story for everyone who reads it.

“An Advent for The Cosmos” also contains professional artwork to accompany the lessons and visually connect important concepts spanning lessons. If you are interested in using this artwork in a sermon series or taking your church through the study, please contact me.

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